Why do most small businesses stay small?

Most small businesses worked so hard to gain their first profit.

They struggled, went through countless scary situations, and did everything imaginable to keep their business running.

When the business finally picks up, which most businesses do, the owners do not.

They take a step back and relax, because, for the first time since they started, they do not need to worry as much; they think they finally made it!

The money is good and the work was hard, so the break feels deserved.

It is during this time that they do less work, and, as you would expect, the business suffers.

It may take a week, maybe two, maybe even a month before the effects of their break show themselves, but they will show themselves.

At that point, the owner panics as they remember the struggles they had before.

In a frantic fit, they start grinding again and overworking themselves, only to repeat this cycle ones the grind takes root.

This goes on time and time again, until the owner finally has had enough and settles for a normal working pace; which is just enough to keep their business running, nothing more.

The truth is that the business owners do deserve the break, but they cannot take it when they want to.

When things go well the grind should increase!

They should start taking calculated risks, investing their money to make more, and find a way to use the opportunity they so painstakingly created for themselves, not slow down.

There is a saying that goes “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and while that is good advice it leads to a misinterpretation that you can stop being tough once the situation relaxes.

If you truly want your business to thrive you need to leverage the growth you gain.

You must use the momentum to push forward to break through the next barrier.

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