5 Must-Have Features for Every Website

In 2009, an average adult would spend 3 hours a day on digital media. This number has registered a hundred percent increase. An average adult …

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What Lessons Can We Learn from Covid-19 Pandemic?

Hands up if you ever predicted 2020 would turn out as it has. We bet no one saw this coming but if you did, hats …

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What to Look For In A POS System

In the hotel industry, competition is stiff, and profits are thin. The situation is not made any better with the current pandemic, dragging on longer …

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How to Successfully Market a Restaurant

Running a restaurant can be a pretty tiresome experience. A restaurant is a vigorous business that requires you to maintain strong faces on many fronts. …

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Top 10 Restaurant Industry Trends

The restaurant industry is one of the most dynamic and trend-driven industries in existence. People are increasingly dining outside their home-made meals in search of …

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4 Tips to Help you Build a Great Online Food delivery system

Food delivery systems have never been quite popular. Most restaurant owners assume that online food delivery is only reserved for big companies. However, if there …

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