What was the biggest missed opportunity in business?

The biggest missed opportunity in business is NOT learning from McDonald’s!

“What? You meant to learn from McDonald’s how to make burgers?”

No! I mean to learn from their strategies!

McDonald’s success is no accident! It’s a marvelously planned business with proven marketing and sales strategies.

One of those strategies is how they lure their customers into the restaurant at very low prices.

Example: The dollar menu campaign.

McDonald's $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu TV Commercial, 'Spare Change ...

They attract you into the restaurant with an irresistible deal. They may sell you a burger for $2, and they will ONLY make a few cents in profit.

Definitely not a good business, right?

Well, this is one of the most common mistakes small businesses make. They attract customers with their BEST deals to sell them something cheap. True?

So, what happens with this weak strategy?

They suffer from the marketing “rat-race” — chasing customers endlessly with expensive marketing, plus ultimately they don’t make enough profits.


Again, let’s learn from McDonald’s.

When you buy the cheap burger, they will upsell you fries and a drink for $2.50 more. With this upsell, they more than doubled the sales ticket, and most importantly, this is most of their profit.

McDonald's earns profits from affordable


So, to answer your question, learn from McDonald’s. 

Next sale, make it a “VALUE” meal — sell MORE to your same customers!

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