5 Must-Have Features for Every Website

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In 2009, an average adult would spend 3 hours a day on digital media. This number has registered a hundred percent increase. An average adult now spends 6 hours a day on the same. The growth has brought a lot of concern in society. As a result, people are using their time with intent. In a few hours, users want to maximize their gain off the internet. They will look for sites with the best features to attain maximum yield. In this article, we discuss five of the best features to have on your website;

Easy navigation

Easy navigation is the most useful feature on a website. Users cannot benefit from all other components if the website is not easy to navigate. Such a website provides users with more efficient and fast access to content. A well-structured and clear menu makes it easy to move from one page to the other.

Take a look at the Amazon website. Despite its massive content, users can explore and make use of the website. The website provides a variety of options to explore. Its menu offers well-structured and specified shopping categories that make it easy for shoppers to identify products and buy. If your website is not easy for users to navigate, you may lose potential clients. As a result, you compromise the initial essence of the website.

Trendy, spontaneous design and user experience

Your website design is what attracts your audience to your site. A trendy and spontaneous design enriches the content on-site. It gives your brand an edge. You should, however, have the user in mind while creating the layout. The user’s ability to navigate and access the content required should surpass your quest to look trendy. A good example is Google and Windows. Some stylish website designs include;

  • The flat design. It uses attractive colors and 2D elements; no bevels or shadows. Windows 8 updates popularized it in its 2012 updates.
  • The skeuomorphic design. It uses interface objects that resemble how their counterparts appear in the real world.
  • The rich design. It uses 3D elements with luminosity, texture, and atmosphere, which enhances the user experience. In this, the design elements are more tactile and intuitive for users.

Relevant content

The essence of websites is to provide content to users. The content should establish the brand identity of a business. Website users may leave a website for various reasons such as ads, a lousy design, etc. However, a study shows that most users will leave a website because of irrelevant content.

Content on a website involves;

  • Basic company information. It describes the company. It may contain external links to other platforms such as the company’s social media profiles.
  • Product descriptions and visuals. It involves texts and images that showcase the products and services offered.
  • A blog post. It entails written or video content. The content revolves around company news, world trends, and insights relating to the company’s business.

As a priority for most potential clients, the content should fulfill their wants. The content may be relevant to the business but not helpful to clients. It is user intent, the purpose of people’s search queries online. Your company should seek to understand what people want to watch or read in blogs.

Product visuals and descriptions

One aim of a company’s website is to showcase the products of the business. Without product visuals and descriptions, it cannot serve its purpose. 91% of internet users believe that both are useful when exploring a site.

The site should have ample white space and large images. They are vital features that allow the effective presentation of content. The user can scan through the site and focus on what they need. Both the visual and the written should stand out on the page.

It is crucial to note that majority of internet users use their phones. Your website should, therefore, be both mobile and website friendly. The approach taken should apply to both mobile and desktop versions. Mobile phones have smaller screens. You can display the images in a single column. On a larger screen, you can display images in three or four columns.

Company blogs and social media extensions

Blog pages and social media platforms are handy to a business. A vast online presence reaches a broader audience. Social media external links matter more to users than most features. They are more vibrant, trendy, and more accessible to users. They serve as an extension of the ‘About us’ section on the website. Social platforms reach updates to users faster than the website itself.

Social media offers a less formal platform to interact with users. Companies can use features such as direct messages to respond to users. The talks allow users to verify the company’s legitimacy. 72% of users recommend a company based on their social media experience.  Companies should ensure constant updates of content on the website.

Company blogs contain news, trends, and insights relating to the business. The rise of social media has limited the essence of company blogs. However, companies should not discard them. Companies can host their company blogs on external platforms. A platform like medium has many readers. Therefore, the chances of reaching a broader audience are high.

Company blogs should have quality content, well researched, and thoughtful. They should be specific and relevant to the business audience. They should also establish the company’s brand authority and keep its site content fresh and updated.

Parting Shot

Websites are a vital part of a company. Any company acquiring a website should consider the features above. Having this in mind will enable them to create a relevant and exciting website. Hence, the company’s web traffic and conversions increase.

We, at CEO Marketing, create and recreate company websites with expertise. We listen to your wants and work with you to ensure you get the most out of your website. Get in touch with us and transform your website into a convenient, high-traffic site.

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