4 Tips to Help you Build a Great Online Food delivery system

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Food delivery systems have never been quite popular. Most restaurant owners assume that online food delivery is only reserved for big companies. However, if there is something, we’ve all learned from the Covid-19 pandemic is to be flexible. Before the pandemic set foot, the hospitality industries, and restaurants in general, were doing quite well. But with the pandemic forcing governments and authorities to put areas, districts, and sometimes the whole country into lockdown, things changed.

As Covid-19 continued to terrorize every part of the world, food delivery becomes quite important for both restaurant owners and customers alike. Out of necessity comes an opportunity for restaurants to boost their online food ordering system. Though times are gloomy and economies are on the brink, people still crave hot, fresh meals. Online food ordering provides an amazing platform for this to happen even as it keeps restaurants going.

What to expect from this article:

  • Build an incredible POS system
  • Choose your delivery option
  • Upgrade your kitchen
  • It is the perfect time to rebrand and market your restaurant


The food delivery system is here to stay and it continues to grow at exceptional rates. But you need to get it right for it to work for you. Here are a few tips to help you build an online food delivery system that can bring immense benefits:

Build an incredible POS system

Let’s face it, the POS system is one of the most important pieces of your online food delivery system. It is through the POS system that customers get to order, pay, and get their food delivered. In the current market, there are numerous POS systems each with its own unique capabilities. If you have a Point of Sale (POS) in your current system, you can choose to upgrade to a system that can handle food delivery.

To ensure you get it right, here are the things you need to have in your POS system;

  • Operational control
  • Placing an order
  • The delivery options
  • Customer information

With POS, you get to ensure that customers will easily navigate the site, place their orders, and get food right at their doorsteps. You also need seasoned web developers for this and there is non better than CEO Marketing.

Choose your delivery option

Delivery is probably the backbone of the whole online delivery system. Choosing the delivery option will either make or break your business. There are two types of delivery options; building an in-house delivery option or signing up for a third-party delivery option with companies such as GrubhubDeliveroo, or UberEats.

Each of the two options has its advantages and disadvantages.  By building an in-house delivery app, you get to invest quite a huge amount in building the app and hiring knowledgeable drivers. However, it is cheaper than third-party companies and you get to keep the customers’ contact info for future campaigns.

With a third-party delivery system, you get access to markets and delivery drivers that are so hard to build on your own. You also get to ride on the trust that comes with the brand. Nonetheless, going for third-party delivery systems is very expensive and will leave a damming hole in your restaurant’s budget. Restaurant delivery services greatly depend on the delivery time and being consistent on pick up point and delivery spot.

Pro Tip: if you are in this for the long term, you need to build your own delivery person(s). Thou the initial startup is capital is high, the business will give you good returns.

Upgrade your kitchen

Opening up a delivery system will significantly improve your sales. This is music to your ears, right? However, that also means that you must be willing to meet the high demand. When it comes to online food ordering, there are times and seasons when your orders will spike and you must be ready to satisfy all your customers.

As a restaurant owner, you need to train your chefs and employees to work efficiently in order to meet the rising demand. Your kitchen line ought to be efficient, streamlined, and productive at all times. Ask yourself, if you got a big night order for an event, is your kitchen capable to handle it?

It is the perfect time to rebrand and market your restaurant

Truth be told, you can never go wrong with marketing. That’s why you need to take this opportunity to brand your restaurants. Start with having special packages that are designed in an appealing way. The wrapping should contain compact, temperature-controlled materials that will get the food to the customers in ideal conditions. The wrapper should also contain your logo, location, and contact info.

Moreover, you should also try out innovative ways to market your restaurant when delivering the food delivery service. Think of including a take-out menu with every package you deliver or a flyer that showcases your restaurants. Though this may feel like small actions, they can have amazing effects.

Parting shot

The online food delivery business has become such an influential part of the food industry. As a restaurant owner, you need to be strategical and as the pandemic persists, online food delivery can be a breath of fresh air. With the online delivery market expected to grow to the tune of over $154 billion in the next few years, you cannot afford to miss out. Reach out to us at CEO Marketing to help you build the necessary food delivery system. Meal delivery services are the way to go.

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